World leader in Electrical Myostimulation (EMS), VIP Italia offers a wide range of technology solutions, to effectively treat a wide range of beauty, aesthetic, and wellness concerns, with exemplary after-sales service throughout the lifetime of our products.
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World leader in Electrical Myostimulation (EMS), VIP Italia offers high-quality professional aesthetic supplies and beauty equipment to effectively treat a wide range of aesthetic and wellness concerns, with exemplary after-sales service throughout the lifetime of our products.

Our cutting-edge, non-invasive beauty treatment technology is designed to offer your customers an enhanced experience with immediate, visible results, increasing their satisfaction and making your businesses more profitable in the long run.

Join the non-invasive aesthetic treatment revolution

The global non-invasive beauty treatment market has been growing at a steady rate for years with over $3 billion spent on non-surgical aesthetic procedures in the USA in 2020 alone. In the UK, 9 out of 10 cosmetic procedures are non-surgical and with this upward tendency expected to continue, market intelligence analysts forecast the global non-invasive aesthetic market to reach $8.45 billion in 2028.

Answer the increase in demand with the next-generation beauty treatment equipment and professional aesthetic supplies from VIP Italia. Our multi-functional machines enable you to offer your clients:

  • Visible results after the first treatment
  • Painless and relaxing procedures
  • No risk and no recovery time
  • No stitches or scars
  • Effective treatment for the body and face

Application of our non-invasive aesthetic equipment

Whether you have a SPA centre, beauty salon, rehabilitation centre or a beauty clinic, the VIP Italia product line is designed to easily adapt to the needs of your clients. Here are some of the many applications of our salon equipment:

  • Cellulite reduction
  • Body sculpting and fat reduction
  • Liposuction preparation
  • Post-surgery drainage treatments
  • Scar tissue treatment
  • Improved look of the face in just 15 – 20 minutes
  • Chronic pain relief
  • Muscle contractures treatment
  • Increase in muscle elasticity and joint mobility
  • Improvement of training performances
  • Rapid recovery from sprain and sports injuries


I was trained on the old Vip machine in 1997. And I was always taken away about the amount of inch loss you could get from the machine. In 2015, I decided I needed a new device. I came to Italy, Vip Italia, and had the latest version of the machine with Lipoline, Linfogei, Isogei, Microgei and Transion functions. I can do so many different treatments all at once in my clinic and combine them with aesthetic procedures to a level that cosmetic surgeons can’t reach, so I’m a huge advocate and lover of Vip.

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Lea Lawrence

I had a waterskiing accident, which resulted in my knee being broken into three pieces. Since then, three-quarters of my leg was paralysed. My right leg could not build muscle, and I still could not walk on my own. Then, I found Vip Italia’s machine. Now I can walk on my own and even on high heels again!

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Francis Hakkaart

I was able to pay off the machine after six months. I’m really happy that now I can offer my clients the complex approach that covers skin and muscle treatments and improves their confidence and well-being. It is a fantastic thing to be able to help people and make their life better!

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Ina Ignatovic

Vip Line is my favorite aesthetic device with its #Isogei function. Isogei acts directly on muscles, restoring their tone and improving their volume. It helps to obtain fantastic results in the case of skin and muscle slackness. If you want to pull up your buttocks or sagging underarms without going to the gym, Isogei will be a perfect fit.

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Valentina Skakodub

My son has had a vertebral compression fracture. Our doctor prescribed physical activity to strengthen the muscles in the lower back. Since physical exercises caused mechanical friction of the vertebrae, the pain didn’t go away, even though muscles were building up. We then started to apply the Vip line device with its Transion function. Transion helps to promote microcirculation and grow muscles without causing friction between the vertebrae and overloading the joints. At the moment, this device is a real salvation for my son.

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Anastasia Ezhikova

I bought Vip Italia’s device in 2016. It’s already seven y.o., and I am still using it. I can’t do my body contouring treatments without this device. It is so efficient. My clients are very impressed with the long-lasting results and overall skin tightening, especially with inner muscle stimulation. Many clients reported the pain they’ve had in the lower back has gone. Many of them also noticed outstanding performance at the gym after applying the treatments. I am extending my practice and going to order two more devices.

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      Commercial training in Italy, at your location anywhere in the world or online.

      Marketing training courses, target and reach your audience.

      Quick and easy technical and commercial support.

      Turnkey salon design and set-up services.


      Generate revenue without high initial investment expenses.

      Pay for what you use with our affordable lease options.

      Pay monthly or per machine – flexible choices.

      WIFI connected machines, for automatic system updates and software downloads.


      Just 15 minutes of runtime per day, to become profitable for the salon.

      Low cost of consumables, reducing the cost per treatment and increasing the profit margin.

      Flexible – use our devices with any skincare line.

      Minimal running costs – just water to operate.


      Salons and beauty centers.

      Hotel and SPA.

      Plastic surgery clinics.

      Physiotherapy clinics.

      Gyms and fitness centers.


      Fast, affordable and reliable couriers.

      Shipping insurance.

      Next-day delivery in most EU countries.


      After-sales support.

      One year warranty.

      Dedicated technical support team.


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