The history of VIP begins in 1971

For over 50 years, VIP ITALIA has been at the forefront of health and beauty technology innovation. Producing state-of-the-art equipment for beauty salons, aesthetics businesses, day spas, and health centers, the company’s focus on continued innovation, world-class training, and outstanding customer support has made VIP ITALIA one of the leading manufacturers of beauty salon equipment worldwide.

The VIP ITALIA story began in the early 1970s when Giancarlo Levi established the company in Torino, Italy. This was a time when the majority of beauty treatments were still performed manually. Taking his experience in the cosmetics industry and his knowledge of advanced electronics, Giancarlo set about revolutionizing how the entire beauty industry operated by devising a range of treatments that could be carried out not by a human but by a machine.

This advancement was immense – not only were Giancarlo’s machine-based treatments able to work more deeply than manual treatments, but the results were also more apparent and more effective in a shorter amount of time. The rapid results amazed salon customers, who were delighted with their treatments. The automation of the new VIP ITALIA equipment meant that salons were able to offer shortened appointment times, allowing them to accommodate more people for better results – a complete game changer!

VIP ITALIA – then and now – focus on creating equipment for the following aesthetic treatments:
Cellulite treatments
Anti-aging treatments for face and body
Hair removal treatments
Skin and muscle toning and firming
Weight reduction and management

Born in Turin in 1938, Giancarlo Levi completed his studies at the city’s classical lyceum in 1956, before enrolling at the Polytechnic University of Turin, graduating at the age of 23 with a degree in electronic engineering.

After leaving university, Giancarlo decided to follow in his family’s footsteps, joining his father’s aesthetic company ARLEM for a few years, where he learnt much about the burgeoning beauty and skincare industry, before deciding to go it alone, setting up his own business, VIP Italia SRL in 1971.

His background in electronic engineering fuelled Giancarlo’s drive to develop electronic devices for slimming and toning the body. Along with a team of doctors and physiotherapists, he created his first machine, which soon became a commercial success in Italy. This success drove Giancarlo, and VP Italia, to become a truly international company, soon replicating that early Italian success in France and Switzerland.

Giancarlo’s passion for pushing the boundaries of technology and exploring new opportunities meant that more product successes soon followed with the addition of devices for machine-led lymphatic drainage and chromotherapy. With it, the company’s international presence became global.

Today, VIP Italia is not only a direct technology manufacturer, but also works as a franchisor, with a chain of over 300 IMAR VIP clinics worldwide, all using the very best VIP Italia technology.

Past, Present, Future:

The core objectives of VIP ITALIA have remained consistent over the past 40+ years – to build enduring and profitable long-term relationships with clients around the world and to help them to maximise their own operating margins, whilst offering their customers the very latest in safe and effective beauty and aesthetics treatments.

These days, beauty equipment design has turned away from salons having multiple machines, to one machine that can perform multiple treatments, to maximise return on investment and offer the widest range of treatment options in a single device. As can be expected with Italian design, not only are VIP ITALIA’s products effective, but they are also a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing addition to treatment rooms, with a sleek, smart design. Featuring easy-to-use touchscreens, our machines are engineered for ergonomic ease of use and optimal manoeuvrability within the confines of a treatment room. Each machine offers a degree of customisation, to ensure it meets the demands of you, our customer.

A Truly Global Company:

VIP ITALIA equipment is found in some of the worlds’ leading beauty studios and spas – from the US, to the UK, Asia to Africa, and the Baltics to Bali. Thousands of people worldwide use VIP ITALIA equipment, and millions worldwide have benefited from the results of a VIP ITALIA treatment.

Don’t settle for copies
Stick with the best – VIP ITALIA.

VIP ITALIA was the very first company to introduce electro-muscle stimulation (EMS) to the beauty industry. In fact, our flagship device, TRANSION, is the most imitated piece of electrical beauty equipment in existence! This pioneering treatment, has, over the years, often been imitated, but never surpassed.

Today, Giancarlo’s work continues with new generations of beauty and aesthetic treatment devices, using the latest technology in the never-ending quest for more dramatic and enduring results. While the fight against ageing continues, we here at VIP ITALIA also continue with our innovation and industry leadership to keep discovering the most exciting, innovative and profitable new treatments for our salon partners to offer their clients.

Choosing VIP ITALIA is not just an investment in exceptional salon equipment; it also offers:

  • Free training at our headquarters in Italy, with multilingual educators to guide you through our learning programs and customizable training to suit your exact needs
  • A global demonstration center to see and experience our full range of equipment in person
  • Access to our existing clients for their unbiased knowledge, opinions, and tips on implementing VIP ITALIA technology in a salon environment
  • Complete salon consultation services, from salon design, treatment offerings, and general salon management support and assistance, should you need it
  • Access to a full suite of marketing support materials to assist you in promoting your new VIP ITALIA treatments
  • Access to our roster of global events where we showcase new treatments and allow our customers to network and learn about the latest innovations
  • Exemplary support and technical assistance, when you need it
  • VIP access to exclusive service plans, new equipment, and special promotions
  • For our franchise partners and distributors, we offer:
  • Development advise for national and international franchise partners
  • Commercial sales training courses
  • Equipment training courses
  • Bespoke promotions and marketing initiatives for your region
  • A full range of service and support options for you and your customers

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