Wireless Body Composition Analysis

Portable, practical, easy to use in any outpatient clinic. Its unique features are

  • The precision of measurement for the analysis of Resistance, Reactance, Impedance, and Phase angle, guided and controlled by four calibration systems that work together.
  • Easy reading of the processed data

Suitable for: Doctors, Clinics, Dietitians, Gym and Beauty centers

Technical data:
Impedance test power: 0,8μA AC max
Test frequencies: 50 kHz – 100 kHz
Maximum measurable impedance: 100 Ohm
Precision impedance measurement: ±1 Ohm, 499 Ohm @ 50 kHz

With the software is possible:

  • Create and manage clients’ personal data quickly and always have a record of their visits.
  • Communicate with the tool to send and receive bio-electric reading information.
  • Synchronize the values and data collected between the devices for the elaboration of nutritional plans.
  • Constantly monitor the patient’s changes in body composition detected over time.
  • All data are always kept safe through our system cloud server.


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Vip Bio Analysis…to improve everything you do.

The complete calibration system guarantees the constant verification of the data detected by the external probe.
Easy and fast, thanks to its special front connectors, it uses four calibration points that ensure accurate measurements over tine with Vip BIO Analysis.

With its new app for Tablets and Smartphones, Vip BIO Analysis is a versatile tool, suitable for the most varied needs: from home use, thanks to its compact size, to use in the clinic.

The display of all the patient’s anthropometric parameters, the impedance and phase angle measurements, the results, and the monitoring of visits make the Vip BIO Analysis system practical for daily use.

The beating heart of Vip BIO Analysis is a cortex M-series processor and a chip with Bluetooth 4.0 used by the latest generation smartphones, which allows data transmission with advanced high-performance technology.

BMI Body Mass Index
WHR Waist Hip Ratio
TBW Total Body Water
ICW Intra Cellular Water
ECW Extra Cellular Water
FAT Fat Mass
FFM Far Free Mass
BCM Body Cell Mass
BCMI Body Cell Mass Index
BMR Body Metabolic Rate