Does Electrical Myostimulation Reduce Your Recovery Time?

23 June 2021

    Whether you are an elite athlete, a casual workout fan,  or simply recovering from an injury, electrical Myostimulaton could be your secret weapon to a faster recovery time.

    Previously, a sports injury or post-operative injury to the muscles required many months of intense physiotherapy. One tool that is frequently used in rehabilitation is ice equipment, to cool the injury and reduce swelling. Another is a piece of beauty equipment that also has physical therapy benefits – the myostimulation machine.

    How Does Electrical Myostimulation Work?

    Electrical myostimulation works by connecting the injured muscles to pads, which conduct electrical impulses through the damaged muscle. This increases blood flow, which, in turn, helps eliminate waste products from the area. It also works the muscle in the same way an exercise session would, by contracting and relaxing the muscle, in a similar way to how it would be used if lifting weights or strength training.

    While some EMS machines are available for home use, a spa system in a beauty or aesthetic clinic is often a better option. Therapists are trained to know the optimal places to put the pads and can ensure that the right amount of current is passed through the muscle, to avoid exacerbating an industry further. A good therapist who offers EMS can create a customised treatment plan that increases the level of electrical current gradually over the course of treatment, to avoid the possibility of any further muscular damage.

    Extra Pain Relief

    Electrical myostimulation isn’t just for injured muscles that are causing problems. It is also ideal for use by athletes and fitness fans between workouts, to help reduce the recovery time between sessions.

    Not only can an electrical myostimulation treatment help to restore the muscles toning and firming actions, but it can also work to relive pain and inflammation. It will help to minimise recovery time and get people back to their best faster than those who choose to recover without using EMS.

    The Heart is a Muscle Too

    There is some research that indicates that electrical myostimulation is a great way for those who are recovering from a heart attack to regain aerobic ability and oxygen uptake, compared to those who rehabilitate using regular aerobic activity. If you are recovering from heart problems, it is vital to consult a professional and use a credible medical aesthetics device for EMS in a spa or physiotherapist setting, before considering a home-use device without professional guidance.


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