Non-Surgical Treatments to Accelerate your Post-Christmas Detox

22 December 2022
Dr. Raoul Novelli
Reviewed by Dr. Raoul Novelli
Written by Anastasia Lesnikova

    It’s that festive time of year again when we all get together with friends, family and work colleagues. With full diaries of Christmas parties, it’s safe to say we all overindulge a little and put our bodies through their paces. After all, it is Christmas and we’ve all earned a break. But, now the new year’s upon us, it’s time to start that post-Christmas detox, giving your body a healthy kick start ready for whatever 2023 has in store.

    We’ve found, however, no matter how hard we try, hitting the gym and cutting the calories can be soul-destroying. Progress can be slow, with motivation hard to find in the mirror. And, with so many Christmas treats left over in the cupboards, there are too many temptations to lead our healthy habits astray. 

    Fortunately, we have our top three non-surgical treatments to help get you and your body on track for a healthier January.

    The Sins of Christmas

    With late-night parties, a glass or two too many and lots of sweet treats to choose from, it is no wonder we are all left feeling a bit guilty come January. But it’s not just our waistlines that are feeling the effect. After all the excitement, our bodies are hit with a noticeable feeling of tiredness and general fatigue. As a result, our skin suffers. 

    Skin Fatigue

    Whether it's caused by a lack of sleep, an unhealthy rich diet or a lack of exercise, the body’s adrenal gland releases a hormone called cortisol. Known as the stress hormone, this enters the bloodstream and is carried around the body. Cortisol affects one of the skin’s main proteins, collagen, accelerating the body’s ageing process and causing the skin to look tired. 

    Collagen, along with the protein elastin, provides the skin with its tight, plump and supple complexion. Good production of both allows the skin to repair itself, keeping fine lines and other signs of ageing at bay. With cortisol affecting its production, the skin’s ability to strengthen the tissue is significantly weakened and, as a result, the skin starts to sag downwards.

    Rich Living

    Of course, we cannot overlook the effects of such a rich and indulgent diet. Most of the foods we consume during this period are high in fats and sugar. From red meats and cheeses to butter and sweet puddings, Christmas comes hand-in-hand with calories. Consuming too over and above your recommended daily intake can cause you to gain weight quickly. Doing so, not other increases the risk of developing heart disease and type 2 diabetes, but it can also increase the risk of some cancers.

    Similarly, consuming high quantities of sugar can also affect your skin. Unfortunately, lots of sugary treats over the season will take another toll on our skin’s ageing process. Sugar breaks down collagen, reducing the skin’s integrity and strength. When this is coupled with high levels of cortisol, the ageing process is accelerated. 

    Healthy Tips for the New Year

    Turning over the page for the new year, we have put together some healthy top tips to help you combat the effects of your Christmas celebrations.

    1. Cleaner Eating - cut down your intake of fats and sugar, and aim for meals with a balanced nutritional value.
    2. Prioritise Hydration - after all the Christmas drinks, give your liver a break by consciously boosting your intake of water. 
    3. Getting Enough Sleep - now the party season is behind us, it's time to catch up on some beauty sleep. It is when we are asleep that the pituitary gland releases hormones to grow and repair our body.
    4. Regular Exercise - signing up for a gym is not for everyone; however, make sure you get out and get moving in the new year. This will help to burn off the extra calories and give your body a dose of endorphins.

    That being said, if you’re struggling to see the difference and are feeling demotivated, we have three non-surgical treatments that can help.

    Top Three Non-Surgical Treatments for the Post-Christmas Detox

    Non and minimally-invasive treatments have surged in popularity over the past years, providing a safer alternative to surgical procedures. This new year, why not treat yourself to one of our top three non-surgical treatments, accelerating the effects of your post-Christmas detox?

    1. The Microgei Facial

    The Microgei Facial is designed with skin rejuvenation in mind, restoring a fresh look after the Christmas holidays. The minimally-invasive, non-surgical treatment uses a specially-designed device to deliver a precise dosage of tiny electro-impulses to the facial tissues. The microcurrent of energy travels under the skin and into the epidermis, stimulating the skin’s natural healing process. The current is gentle enough not to damage the surrounding skin cells but has enough of an effect to mimic a small trauma. In doing so, the production of both collagen and elastin is triggered, allowing any imperfections to be smoothed out and sagging skin to be tightened.

    Overall, it is the perfect facial for improving the skin’s overall appearance - making it smoother and brighter, and providing a glowing complexion. After the stresses of organising and socialising, you deserve some me-time.

    Top 3 Non-Surgical Treatments for a Post-Christmas Detox
    Vip Italia's Microgei treatment

    2. The Transion Body Treatment

    Getting your workouts in after the Christmas period can be challenging, especially with the cold nights of winter still to come. With most gyms closed over the festive bank holidays, and with reduced hours in between, it’s easier to fall out of your normal routine. 

    The Transion Body Treatment is great for those with busy schedules and no time, or want, to sign up for leisure centres. Its innovative Transion technology means your muscles can undergo a hardcore workout as if you were at the gym, but without any effort on your side. 

    By using electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), Transion technology targets the elimination of fat whilst toning muscle and boosting a metabolic rate. The device puts your muscles through their paces by creating twisting, lengthening and shortening movements which help build up your body’s metabolism (how quickly your body turns what you consume into energy). 

    When this increased metabolism is combined with a reduction of toxins and water in the body, localised weight loss is induced. The isotonic movement and torsion created from all the different movements inflicted on the muscles encourage the body to remove these fluids. In addition, your muscles are encouraged to remodel and strengthen during the treatment, resulting in a toned and sculpted appearance.

    Top 3 Non-Surgical Treatments for a Post-Christmas Detox
    Vip Italia's Transion body treatment

    3. The Isogei Body Treatment

    What better way to recover from all those Christmas parties? The Isogei Body Treatment is a great way to help get you back in shape without going under the knife or needing to hit the gym.

    For those who tend to put on weight over the holidays, especially during the Christmas, Easter, and summer seasons, it can be worthwhile having a body treatment program. The results obtained with Vip-Hi Line are similar to the hard work at the gym: when you go the extra mile. However, this machine allows you to avoid overworking and can create muscle hypertonicity and hypertrophy in the precise points of precise muscles, in other words, to create exactly what we want.

    Dr. Raoul Novelli
    Top 3 Non-Surgical Treatments for a Post-Christmas Detox
    Vip Italia's Isogei body treatment

    The Isogei technology is built to activate all of the muscle fibres in the chosen target area whilst remaining on the surface of the skin. As a result, this non-invasive procedure tightens muscles and prioritises increasing their volume, leaving less space for any adipose tissue. The device focuses on lifting and tightening the existing muscle, allowing patients to achieve a toned appearance, by creating isometric contractions.

    Visible improvements can be seen from just one session, whether it's used on the bum, thighs, breasts, abdomen or face. It is no wonder it’s a popular alternative for those wanting to achieve the Brazilian butt lift effect, non-surgically.

    At VIP Italia, our innovative, non-surgical technology is allowing more and more people to achieve the body and complexion they desire. This new year, treat yourself to a treatment to accelerate the results of your post-Christmas detox.


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