The Most Youth-Obsessed Cities in Europe & The UK

4 September 2023

    While wrinkles and fine lines deserve to be celebrated, it is only natural to worry about losing your beauty. But the fear of getting older is more than just about looks. Many people associate ageing with losing love and respect. So, it is no surprise that more and more people are investing in anti-ageing treatments such as botox and dermal filler to slow down the clock. However, that does not mean that everyone shares the same attitude to beauty and self-preservation. So, which cities are the most obsessed with achieving eternal youth?

    VIP Italia has looked at the number of monthly internet searches for popular anti-ageing procedures to find which areas were searching the most often for treatments to maintain their looks. All search results were considered per 100,000 residents.

    Europe’s Anti-Ageing Hotspots

    People are racing against the clock to achieve younger-looking skin and prevent natural signs of ageing. Let’s take a look at which European cities are going the extra mile to maintain their youth.

    1. Amsterdam

    The Dutch capital is renowned for being a pretty liberal city so it makes sense that Amsterdam ranks as the top city where people are looking for age-defying treatments.

    According to Google search data, with consideration of Amsterdam’s population, around 1,523 searches are made for treatments like Botox and facelifts every month.

    We asked the owner of a beauty clinic in Amsterdam about our findings. “There is an overwhelming appreciation for innovation and artistry in our city. Naturally, this extends to the practice of self-care. But most people get these treatments to simply preserve beauty as opposed to trying to look like a completely different person to achieve Instagram likes.”

    2. Dublin

    Our runner-up is the historical capital city of the Republic of Ireland. Dublin is the second-most beauty-fixated city. There are approximately 1,191 searches per month.

    3. Prague

    Known for its unforgettable views, Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. With such breathtaking surroundings, it is easy to see why people want to feel the same way about themselves. Roughly 969 searches are made for anti-ageing treatments each month.

    4. Milan

    Some of the most recognisable names in fashion and beauty call Milan their home. As one of the world’s fashion capitals, Milan’s beauty obsession means that on average 913 searches are made for youth-preserving procedures every month.

    “Milan is a glamorous city where fashion and beauty intertwine, so it’s no surprise that our city ranks in the top 5,”

    says Dr Roul Novelli, an ASSECE board-certified plastic surgeon.

    “The pursuit of youth is more than a desire. It's a reflection of our city's beauty and elegance,” he says. “Our beauty clinic stands as a testament to this devotion, offering anti-ageing treatments that allow people to present themselves with the grace and refinement that echo through centuries of style.”

    5. Stockholm

    Surprisingly, despite many Scandinavian beauty trends being rooted in nature, Stockholm rounds off the top 5. Approximately 745 searches for age-fighting treatments each month.

    “This research highlights that our city values the luxury of self-care and self-improvement,” says Maria Ohos, the owner of Aaltos Health & Beauty Pärlor in Stockholm. 

    “At the end of the day, we all want to love what we see in the mirror, no matter how old we get,” she adds. “You don’t just stop caring about your appearance as you get older. That is why we offer treatments that highlight life's radiance and preserve beauty as opposed to just concealing age. We want our clients to feel authentically vibrant while gracefully embracing time.”

    anti ageing report

    The UK’s Anti-Ageing Hotspots

    Here are the UK cities where people are the most concerned about how old they look.

    1. Peterborough

    When not visiting the city’s open green spaces, many of Peterborough’s residents are Googling procedures to help them look younger. Around 856 searches are made for these treatments every month.

    2. Bournemouth

    Bournemouth has made a name for itself as one of the most popular seaside resorts in the UK, offering residents and visitors a slice of paradise. On average, 855 searches are made per month, meaning that Peterborough beats this city out by just one search per month.

    The city receives around 1,765 sunshine hours every year, which is well above the UK average. With higher UV exposure, it is easy to see why Bournemouth ranks as the second-most youth-obsessed UK city. 

    “Residents who live in sunnier seaside areas, such as Bournemouth are potentially more prone to ageing due to sun exposure if they do not take the correct precautions to wear a high SPF sunscreen,”

    says Dr Paul Banwell, who runs The Banwell Clinic and is the previous head and founder of The Melanoma and Skin Cancer Unit (MASCU) in East Grinstead, one of the largest skin cancer units in the UK.

    "They will experience more sunlight per year than other less sunny regions,” he adds. “I would recommend when choosing a sunscreen, whether organic or chemical, that you look for a broad spectrum one so you are protected from both UVA and UVB rays. Newer sunscreens have infrared (IR) protection too and should be considered.”

    3. Manchester

    Moving up North, Manchester takes the third spot, with 809 searches per month. In the last few years, Manchester has risen in popularity, becoming home to many aspiring influencers and young professionals. 

    It is easy to point the finger at reality TV shows like Love Island. After all, the success of stars like Molly Mae Hugh has encouraged many people to snub larger cities like London and move to Manchester.

    What’s more, research suggests that Manchester is the UK city with the average youngest age. “It’s possible that it might feel easier to accept the ageing process if you’re surrounded by other people who are at a similar stage of life,” says Georgina Sturmer, a BACP registered counsellor.

    4. Wigan

    Only a few miles away, Wigan takes the fourth spot, with 798 searches per month.

    5. Warrington

    Keeping things up north, Warrington is in the fifth spot. 791 searches for rejuvenating treatments are made by the friendly residents of Warrington every month.

    anti ageing report

    If you are looking to preserve your beauty, VIP’s cutting-edge non-invasive technology can help. Get in touch with us today.


    VIP Italia made a list of some of the most Googled terms related to anti-ageing procedures. They used Google Keyword Planner to extract the monthly search volumes for each of the chosen keywords across the UK and Europe's 50 most populated cities (excluding Russian cities and London boroughs). Search volumes were normalised per 100,000 residents. The cities were then ranked based on the normalised search volume. The cities with the most searches per 100,000 residents have then been crowned the most youth-obsessed cities in Europe and the UK.

    If you would like to access the full dataset, get in touch with


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