To Shave or Not to Shave?

22 June 2021

    The norms are slowly changing. It’s still quite rare to see a woman in public with facial hair and unshaven armpits. But recently, lots of anti-shaving movements have emerged that seem to be going mainstream. Women worldwide are asking themselves the same questions: “Why are we supposed to be perfectly hairless at all times? Why should we adhere to beauty standards imposed by social media to feel accepted”? Those movements are trying to encourage women to embrace their bodies and improve their self-worth.

    Apart from anti-shaving movements, after quarantine, plenty of women have started shaving their faces! This “new-new skin-perfecting” technique, which is so-called “dermaplaning,” has suddenly gained ‘trending’ status.

    But, What is Dermaplaning?

    Dermaplaning is the act of removing peach fuzz and dead skin cells from the face with a razor, leaving it softer and smoother. The question that immediately comes to mind is: does any woman nowadays really have time or even a subtle inclination to shave her entire face as men do? The answer is YES.

    Let’s do a little research on this subject. From a biological point of view, men and women are designed differently. The first evident distinction, among others, is the ability to grow a beard. In fact, men have more resilient skin with a higher density of collagen than women.

    Secondly, shaving might exfoliate skin and apparently keep it soft, but if you’re already using a facial cleansing brush or washcloth on your face, that’s already severe scrubbing. Shaving may make your skin more sensitive and eventually cause skin damage, which might lead to skin ageing. Moreover, face shaving can also cause ingrown hairs. So ladies, please, think twice before reaching for the razor!

    What about Male Shaving Habits? 

    How common is it for them to shave their body hair nowadays? In reality, it’s not as uncommon as you might think — the days when only women shaved their bodies have gone. Many men are prone to body shaving for various reasons, such as improving athletic performance and personal hygiene, avoiding unpleasant body odour, and, simply, aesthetic reasons. It is widespread for male body hair to be removed in the fitness world to improve performance and show off hard-earned muscles. Even though male body hair removal is nothing new, it’s a well-known fact that even Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans were also passionate about man body shaving. These days young men are more inclined to undergo hair removal, including their back, neck, underarms, and sometimes even legs.

    Anyway, it’s totally up to you to shave or not to shave. Everyone has a right to make informed decisions and ask themselves why they do it. And, it’s refreshing to see that it is this attitude that has been adopted when it comes to other beauty procedures.

    A Growing Interest in Non-Surgical Procedures

     To Shave or Not to Shave? - Changing Attitudes to Beauty Norms

    Society can be quite vocal about its thoughts and opinions when it comes to beauty treatments. However, more and more people are turning towards aesthetic procedures, especially those that offer non-surgical alternatives. In a survey by Mintel, 43% of Brits are interested in non-invasive treatments, with teeth whitening, hair removal and skin rejuvenation making up the top three procedures.

    At VIP Italia, we offer a range of devices that allow for non-invasive, aesthetic procedures that rival risky, surgical operations. By combining the innovative technology of Transion, Isogei, Linfogei and Microgei, surgical procedures are no longer the only option for achieving visible improvements and long-lasting results. While multiple appointments are recommended, gone are the days of lengthy recovery periods and expensive hospital fees.

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