Your Guide to Non‑Surgical BBL

24 May 2022
Dr. Raoul Novelli
Reviewed by Dr. Raoul Novelli
Written by Anastasia Lesnikova

    Many people strive to improve the appearance of their bum. After celebrities, such as Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and Cardi B, all underwent surgical methods to enhance their derrieres, having a firmer, lifted bum suddenly became the majority of people’s goals. However, achieving this through diets and exercise plans alone is extremely difficult.

    To achieve a firmer and sculpted naturally requires extreme dedication to the cause; with a strict nutritional intake and many hours spent sweating at the gym, it can be possible. But, unfortunately, this regime is unachievable on top of work and family commitments, leaving many people disheartened. 

    Fortunately, with innovative advancements in medical-aesthetic technology, it is now possible to achieve a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) without a scalpel. This revolutionary treatment removes all the risks associated with surgical procedures, creating desirable results using VIP Italia’s non-invasive, specialised equipment.

    Your Guide to Non-Surgical BBL - The Alternative Brazilian Butt Lift.

    What is a Non-Surgical Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)?

    A non-surgical Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) achieves comparable results to a surgical BBL without piercing the skin in any way. By using a range of body sculpting machines that prioritise muscle firming and lifting technology, it is possible to tighten the muscles associated with the glutes that are key in determining the shape of the buttocks. That is why squats and stair-climbing are often associated with building up an apple-shaped posterior. However, to enhance the shape of your bum more, dealing with sagging skin and cellulite, a little help is welcomed. 

    The non-surgical BBL allows people the opportunity to achieve their desired appearance without the stress and risks of going under the knife. All surgical pain is removed, as the gluteal muscles and the layer of fat that surrounds them are targeted by a device that remains on the surface of the skin. There is little to no downtime and instant results with the non-surgical BBL method, allowing you to enjoy your enhanced physique straightaway. 

    How does a non-surgical Brazilian Bum Lift work?

    The non-surgical BBL achieves a firm and lifted result through isometric muscle contraction technology. With VIP Italia machines, this revolutionary approach comes with an Isogei module that was created to stimulate 100% of the muscle fibers within a treatment area. This incredible, non-invasive option offers a non-surgical alternative to the traditional BBL. However, this technology does not stop here. It is possible to use this equipment on the bum, breasts or even the facial region.

    But, what does this all mean? 

    The Technology Behind Non-Surgical BBLs

    The muscle firming and Isogei lifting equipment creates painless and risk-free isometric muscle contractions, to tone and firm the muscles in the buttocks. The sensation is focused on targeted areas to improve the gluteal muscles, strengthening them and creating a plump, lifted bum. The muscles undergo an intense workout that does not put any pressure on any of the body's joints. 

    The revolutionary equipment is complete with remote-control functionality, allowing medical clinicians to carefully deliver this non-invasive body sculpting technology to the buttocks. Clients often report seeing a difference after just one session. That being said, a non-surgical BBL has the best results when the machine is used for a full course of ten sessions, spread out a few times each week or even daily.

    What is Isogei Lifting?

    Isogei is a specialised treatment that looks to restore the muscle’s tonicity as well as its strength. Through isometric movement, also referred to as static contractions, the muscle surrounding the chosen area can be lifted and remodelled, resulting in a visible enhancement of the buttocks similar to a surgical Brazilian Butt Lift.

    When fat accumulates on a part of the body, the muscle in these areas relaxes and progressive atrophy occurs. Progressive atrophy is the phase attributed to the decrease in muscle volume, which lends itself to the increase in adipose tissue (fatty tissue).  

    When isometric contractions are inflicted on the muscle, the muscle begins to build up its volume once more. As the muscle grows, in a non-surgical BBL procedure, the glutes, there is less room for the fatty tissue. The excess adipose is burnt off and the stronger, now larger, muscle now takes its place. 

    As a result, the firm muscle now makes up a larger proportion of the buttocks, resulting in a plump and lifted appearance, now sagging fatty tissue has been burnt off. 

    Invasive Vs Non-Invasive Brazilian Bum Lifts

    Non-surgical BBLs take a completely different approach from their predecessors. The alternative surgical options to a non-invasive Brazilian Butt Lift are extremely unnatural in their methods. Non-surgical BBLs aim to firm up the bum by using a revolutionary method of intense muscle contractions. In simple terms, this is like putting your glute through an intense workout. 

    The main two surgical options are Fat Grafting and Bum Implants.

    Fat Grafting

    Fat Grafting is more commonly known as the traditional Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. In this surgical procedure, fat is harvested from alternative areas of the body and reinserted into the bum through liposuction creating more voluptuous behinds. The attraction to this risky option was the promise of removing unwanted fat from other parts of the body. 

    The main problem with a Brazilian Butt Lift is the safety concerns. The surgical BBL procedure was banned in the UK as it was deemed unsafe and risky by The British Association of Plastic Surgeons. The conclusion was drawn over the worrying complications and high death from fat embolism - the death rate is 10 times higher with this procedure compared to other cosmetic procedures. Consequently, other countries were also quick to ban the surgery.

    Bum Implants

    Surgical implants involve a surgeon inserting man-made implants, often made of silicon, into each buttock. Despite the risks that accompany going under the knife and having a general anaesthetic administered, there have also been many horror stories where silicon implants have leaked into the surrounding tissue.

    In cases where there have been no complications, the results of implants can be extremely unnatural to someone’s body shape and frame. Non-surgical BBLs offer a more subtle and realistic lift, improving the texture of the buttocks, reducing cellulite and offering a believable volume increase.

    The Benefits of a Non-Invasive BBL

    There are some obvious benefits to achieving a Brazilian Butt Lift without surgery, the first of which is the non-invasive nature of the process. A non-surgical BBL significantly reduces the risks and side effects of undergoing a general anaesthetic and going under the knife. Not only is this aesthetic procedure much safer and, therefore, accessible; but, it also comes with little to no downtime. Clients choosing this treatment, no longer need to factor in lengthy recovery periods and time off work to be able to achieve their desired results.

    Moreover, with the traditional, surgical BBL banned in the UK and other European countries, those desperate to enhance the appearance of their behinds were having to gamble with lesser hospital standards abroad, especially those offering the treatment at reasonable prices. Instead, the non-surgical BBL allows everyone the option to achieve the same desirable results with a device that utilises the FDA-approved electronic muscle stimulator approach. 

    With this non-invasive technology, this safer BBL can achieve a naturally defined and contoured bum by targeting sagging pockets of fat. The contractions VIP Italia’s device produces tightens the skin and tones the gluteal muscles, leaving all clients with a shaped, sculpted and firm behind. It can accentuate body silhouettes, lifting and tightening sagging cheeks; while reducing the fat that resides between the top of the thighs and the buttocks, often referred to as banana roll fat. 

    Due to the nature of the muscle contractions, the device is also known to help build up strength and some stamina within the glutes. 

    Why should you choose to have a non-surgical Brazilian Bum Lift?

    The specialised technology that this aesthetic procedure utilises has been carefully designed and manufactured to not only achieve a Brazilian Butt Lift safely and without extreme risk, cost or recovery time. The procedure can help to combat:

    • Flat bottoms
    • Sagging cheeks
    • Cellulite and dimpling
    • ‘Hip-dips’ - providing an hourglass silhouette

    Moreover, VIP Italia’s muscle firming device not only uses isometric manipulations and isometric muscle contractions to lift and tighten buttocks in non-surgical BBLs:

    • Firming muscle
    • Activating muscles
    • Improving gluteal muscles 
    • Increasing local circulation
    • Sculpting muscle
    • Lifting and tightening sagging skin

    But the same approach can be used to treat a wide variety of aesthetic goals. It is also safe to use the device on the face and other parts of the body, including breast contouring. 

    For non-surgical BBLs, this non-invasive approach can also help people combat signs of ageing and pregnancy.


    When we age, our skin loses its amount of collagen and elastin protein. These proteins are essential in providing skin with its elasticity, firmness and plumpness, without them skin begins to weaken and droop. Unfortunately, sagging skin is a telltale sign someone is getting older, and many people are self-conscious about their ageing appearance. And, our buttocks are no exception.

    The depleted gluteal muscles and sagging skin contribute to diminishing firmness and lack of shaping in the bum. A non-surgical BBL, however, can help to build up these muscles, tightening the skin and recreating a shapely behind.


    For women, during pregnancy, their baby bum encourages their pelvis to tip forward. This realignment makes it extremely difficult to engage the hamstrings as they walk, resulting in a flabby bum. Similarly, once the baby has been born, it is possible to exercise these muscles and the gluteal muscles through the isometric contractions from a non-surgical BBL. 

    Your Guide to Non-Surgical BBL - The Alternative Brazilian Butt Lift.

    Discover our range of innovative, aesthetic devices today at VIP Italia. We offer extensive training courses on all our technology and devices, allowing your clinicians to benefit from our 50 years of experience in the non-invasive beauty industry. For more information about our range of treatment solutions, please get in touch with our team today


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    Are there any side effects with non-surgical BBL procedures?

    With VIP Italia’s revolutionary aesthetic device, there are very few side effects with this non-surgical BBL procedure. Unlike minimally-invasive BBLs that look to replicate traditional Brazilian Butt Lifts by injecting filler, this device does not pierce the skin. Some patients may experience a mild prickling and tingling sensation during the treatment. However, in comparison to the traditional BBL, this non-surgical BBL treatment significantly reduces the list of potential side effects from surgical procedures.

    How long do non-surgical butt lift results last?

    The results of this innovative procedure can last up to 6 months, depending on the individual. Our Isogei body sculpting and lifting technology allow you to see results after only one session. 

    To achieve maximum results, we recommended one to two sessions per month after your original course of treatment. These follow-up appointments help to prolong and lock in the results of your non-surgical BBL.

    Does the BBL treatment require any downtime?

    As our technology works around intense and focused muscle contractions, apart from an achy sensation, similar to completing a good workout, you will be able to return to your day-to-day routine without delay.

    Who can perform Non-Surgical Butt Lifts?

    As with any aesthetic procedure, we always recommend utilising a clinic with highly-qualified clinicians. At VIP Italia, we offer complete training on all our devices, both remotely and face-to-face. For more information, contact us today.

    Can a BBL figure be achieved without surgery?

    Yes, you no longer need to risk going under the knife to achieve a lifted and volumized Brazilian butt lift. It is now possible to book a non-invasive, non-surgical BBL. With our technology, you can lift this area of your body through the power of isometric muscle contractions. By focusing on the gluteal muscles, this area will feel as though it has been through an intense workout without stepping foot inside a gym. The contractions are designed to strengthen the muscle, resulting in the famous BBL lifted appearance after the recommended course.

    What are the risks associated with non-surgical BBL?

    Compared with its surgical alternative, the non-surgical BBL comes with much less risk. However, everyone’s bodies are different and some may experience some swelling or bruise around the treatment area. Some tenderness or soreness is common after all your muscles have been through an intense workout. If you have any questions or concerns, it is always recommended to speak to a professional practitioner.

    What is the most effective alternative to BBL?

    Effective alternatives to the traditional fat grafting procedure of a BBL are implants, tightening injections and non-surgical BBL achieved through isometric muscle contractions. Unfortunately, buttock implants have been known to leak silicone and injections come with the risk of disfigurement and scarring. In addition, neither of these procedures are non-invasive. Non-surgical BBL is, therefore, the most effective method that comes with the least amount of risk.

    Can a BBL body be obtained naturally?

    Yes, the non-surgical treatment is administered to the gluteal region to help build up the muscle through isometric contractions, which is essentially replicating an intense workout. If you were to slave away in the gym, you’d be looking to achieve this level of workout for optimum results. However, through VIP devices, you can not only reach this level but also sustain the intensity.

    Is there such a thing as a natural BBL?

    Yes, there are specialised gym workouts to achieve lifted and toned buttocks without undergoing surgery. But it takes hard work and dedication. Non-surgical BBL treatments, look to recreate these muscle contracts and maintain the intensity, helping any results to be visible in a shorter timeline.

    Are there any alternatives to BBL?

    Alternatives to the traditional BBL surgery, include:

    • Non-surgical BBL
    • Silicone Implants
    • Buttock Injections
    • Dermal Filler
    • Intense Gym Routines

    It is worth taking into consideration the element of risk and timeframe for seeing results when weighing up your options.


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