How to lose weight during menopause with Vip Italia

How to Lose Weight During Menopause with VIP Italia

Menopause is a wild ride of hormones that has severe effects on your physical and mental health. Moreover, all of those hormone imbalances could result in weight gain. Your metabolism slows down, and, consequently, you need fewer calories. If you are dealing with stubborn weight gain due to menopause, VIP Italia treatments could help you slim down during or after it.

What Causes Weight Gain During Menopause?

Menopause is associated with significant changes in the body’s composition and fat distribution. In general, estrogen can control energy balance, body fat distribution, and food intake. Additionally, estrogen promotes the accumulation of subcutaneous fat. The loss of estrogen with menopause is related to an increase in visceral fat.

Visceral fat builds up within the abdominal cavity - near several vital organs, including the liver, stomach,  intestines, and can also develop in the arteries. In other words, this fat is a more dangerous type associated with heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and other significant health problems.

Many women report that they gained weight at or near the time of their menopause.  The average weight gain is 2.2 ± 4.1 kg. And those who were previously overweight tend to gain even more weight throughout this phase. Aging is another factor that can cause weight gain in women, regardless of menopause.

However, it is different for every woman, and some will find that menopause affects them more profoundly than others.

How to Lose Weight During Menopause?

The importance of physical activity increases as the body ages. Therefore, it is essential for women during menopause to take steps to lose the weight gained during this transition. Vip Italia offers tips on ways to lose weight and maintain a stunning body shape.

How to Lose Weight During Menopause?

Start with your eating habits

The benefits of eating healthy foods extend beyond your belly fat to your mental health. In particular, try to avoid eating processed food and focus on fiber instead. Processed food has had their fiber extracted, that means it has low nutritional value. It is high in concentrated calories such as added fat, sugar, salt, and refined grains.

When you eat processed food, your blood glucose jumps, your pancreas overreacts and releases too much insulin. Because of the extra insulin, your blood glucose ends up below normal, and it prevents fat from being releasing from fat cells. After that, your brain thinks that you are low on energy and makes you feel hungry, so processed food starts pushing you to eat more and burn fewer calories!

Learn to manage stress and get enough sleep

Studies have shown, stress is directly linked to gaining belly fat. If you're stressed out, your brain starts releasing a particular hormone called "cortisol" that helps you cope with the stress. If you are under stress all the time, your cortisol level is always high, which causes fat from other parts of your body to move to your belly.

It happens due to the structure of belly-fat cells, which is slightly different from fat cells in other parts of your body. Furthermore, fat cells are more sensitive to adrenaline. In terms of physiology, belly fat is more "helpful" in coping with stress because fat cells release their stored energy more quickly.

You can learn to manage stress before it gets too severe. You can effectively manage stress in many different ways. Usually, the best stress management plan includes a mix of stress relievers that address stress physically and psychologically.

Better sleep, for instance, means better stress management.  Have you ever noticed, when you're well-rested, you're less hungry? Getting quality sleep is an essential part of your weight regulation systems. Poor sleep messes with the hormones in your brain - leptin, and ghrelin, which control appetite. In this case, your appetite increases, and you are less likely to resist temptations and control the quantity and quality of your food.

Learn to manage stress and get enough sleep during menopause

Increase your physical activity

Fortunately, you can regulate the amount of belly fat stored in your body by increasing your physical activity. Physical activity can also help you to cope with stress.

Did you know that most of the energy you burn is just to keep your body going? Even people who exercise a lot still burn most of their calories just staying alive. In some measure, the amount of energy you need to stay alive depends on your body’s muscle to fat ratio.

Muscle cells burn more calories in normal activities than other cells do. So, If you put on muscle and start burning more calories without eating more, you'll be burning your stored fat.

Menopausal weight gain can be stubborn; diet and exercise might not be enough. But VIP Italia electro stimulation technology will take your muscles to the gym, and the more you do the more you’ll see the results!

VIP Italia body shaping and contouring

Transion function

One of the primary purposes of using Vip Italia's Transion is to solve the overweight problem. The Transion deliberately acts on targeted muscles and tissues through micro-electrical impulses. It makes them contract and induces bending and twisting moments that can't occur when doing physical activities. The technology imitates how the central nervous system causes muscles to contract. Naturally, your brain, through the central nervous system, sends electrical impulses to stimulate muscle movement. Electrical muscle stimulation artificially stimulates the muscles to contract. Transion causes the body to burn calories, similar to vigorous exercise activity, and reduces weight.

Isogei function

Vip Italia's Isogei treatment is an effective way to put on more muscles. It is excellent for firming and toning the muscles, which can help not only with a slimmer, more athletic figure but also provides a noticeable lifting effect, helping your skin and body look young.

Linfogei function

Since the lymphatic system serves as a central part of the immune system, lymphatic drainage helps treat many health problems and acts as a stress reliever. Vip Italia introduces Linfogei function that provides aesthetic lymphatic and venous drainage. It helps reduce swelling and puffiness with a visible appearance of cellulite reduction.

Lipo Line function

Lipo Line Function is a non-surgical procedure that can be performed instead of liposuction. It breaks apart fat deposits under 1 MHz ultrasound cavitation, thus reshapes the body contours. Lipo Line is perfect for those suffering from menopausal weight gain because it targets fat cells, and prevents cellulite progression.


VIP Italia provides an effective and lasting solution to stubborn menopausal weight gain.

Please, don't take your health for granted. Take proper care of your body and mind, especially during menopause, when most women are very fragile and exhausted.

VIP Italia provides an effective and lasting solution to stubborn menopausal weight gain. It can target different body areas and work to reduce cellulite, provide body shaping, tone, and strengthen abdominal muscles. These treatments cause the body to burn calories, similar to vigorous exercise activity, making them perfect for helping fight the effects of menopause safely and easily.

What is a mini-facelift?

Mini-Facelift VS Vip Italia Non-surgical Procedures

What is a mini-facelift?

A mini-facelift is a form of surgery that helps correct signs of aging on the face and the neck.

Naturally, this phenomenon is visible on the face and the neck before anything else because their skin is thinner and contains less collagen than that on your body.

The mini-facelift lifts and tightens facial and neck tissues by means of a surgical procedure. It generally involves stripping off excess skin, straightening out creases or wrinkles, and pulling up facial tissue.

In general, the mini-facelift is concentrated on the bottom two-thirds of the face and the neck. Therefore, the procedure does not include a brow or eyelift, though you can do these simultaneously.

What are the side effects of mini-facelift?

The surgery could have some undesired side effects such as:

  • facial asymmetry;
  • skin loss;
  • numbness;
  • blood clots;
  • anesthesia risks;
  • possible cardiac complications.

It often takes about 2- 4 weeks to recover from the procedure.

Usually, the full results are visible after the swelling and bruising subside. In some cases, It may take several facelift procedures to obtain the results you want—proper skincare and maintaining a healthy lifestyle help extend your facelift results.

How much does a mini-facelift cost on average?

On average, the cost of a mini facelift procedure ranges from $7,700 to $11,780.

The final cost will likely be higher because this cost estimate does not cover anesthesia, hospital, or surgical center costs. Factors such as the surgeon's expertise, geographical location, and desired results will determine your overall individual cost.

Why might a non-surgical procedure be more appropriate?

Why might a non-surgical procedure be more appropriate?

Let's get into the benefits of a non-surgical approach to facial lifting and neck tightening.

First of all, a non-surgical facelift is considered a more natural way to address double chins, fine lines, wrinkles, loss of volume in the face, etc.

Secondly, If a client is interested in no downtime, minimal discomfort, low incidence of adverse effects, and lower medical costs, then the non-surgical procedure might be more appropriate.

The non-invasive or minimally invasive treatment option is also advantageous in the sense that you can use it to routinely and successfully maintain surgical results.

The non-surgical treatments won't give you the same dramatic results as a surgical facelift.

However, not all people desire to go under the knife but still want to look rejuvenated and have skin tightening. There are some options for a non-surgical facelift that can erase five or more years off your appearance and have no recovery time.

Vip Italia Non-invasive Anti-aging Skin Tightening

If you do appreciate non-invasive, gentle skin tightening with equally effective results, and this is where VIP Italia applies. This safe and painless technology combines a range of effective treatments into one device. It means that you can receive many transformative beauty treatments with VIP Italia, such as double chin removing, face lifting, skin tightening, or speeding up collagen and elastin production.

Here is a list of the functions for immediate non-invasive face & neck lift:

Transion Function

VIP Italia's Transion employs microcurrent for rapid localized slimming, removing stubborn double chin and losing of volume in the face.

 Isogei Function

The isometric function of VIP Italia is excellent for firming and toning muscles. It erases fine lines through electrical stimulation and reduces the look of wrinkles while firming your skin to define your features.

Microgei Function

This function provides skin regeneration and helps with collagen production. It can help with an overall youthful look because the skin will be firmer and more elastic. This function also helps improve skin tone and creates a healthy glow.

Linfogei Function

This function provides lymphatic and venous drainage, which offers a range of benefits for your skin. It helps reduce swelling and puffiness. It also promotes circulation, allowing your face to absorb more nutrients and keep you healthier.  Due to microcurrent, it flushes out your face's water retention, draining out your lymphatics and toxins while lifting and tightening muscles at the same time.

Vip Italia microcurrent facial can redefine your features from the first treatment. The complex approach provides an effective and lasting solution to signs of aging on the face and the neck. Results last for several months to a year.

Combination therapy

Mini-facelift combination therapy
In fact, you can combine these four functions to target different beauty problems.

If you want your jawline to be more defined, your cheekbones more pronounced, and younger-looking and lifted eyes, you can apply Isogei. It will redefine your features from the first treatment and also will provide a noticeable lifting effect.

Then, to get rid of the face puffiness, double chin, and slim in the face, Transion and Linfogei functions will work the best.

To get noticeably more glow and bright complexion of your skin, Microgei is here to help! It delivers precise dosages of energy to your skin, increases blood circulation, works simultaneously to produce collagen in the dermis, and erases aging signs in the epidermis.

In addition to employing non-surgical facelift and neck tightening, you can also combine them with volume replacement with FDA or EMA approved injectable fillers.

What are the contraindications of Vip Italia non-surgical treatments?

Non-surgical treatments are a perfect option for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improving skin tone and firmness.

However, these procedures do have some contraindications. The following category of people should not undergo microcurrent therapy:

  • People with physical or mental limitations with implanted electrical stimulatory devices such as pacemakers, or any other implanted electronic nerve, muscle, or tissue stimulation;
  • Pregnant and nursing mothers;
  • People with a history of seizures, epilepsy;
  • People who have active cancer.


You can leave room for non-painful but effective non-invasive treatments.
Thus, maintaining the glow of youth does not always mean plastic surgery, scalpels, and blood.

Thus, maintaining the glow of youth does not always mean plastic surgery, scalpels, and blood. Also, you can leave room for non-painful but effective non-invasive treatments. In this case, the expression "no pain, no gain" has nothing to do with your skin tightening.

Regardless of your circumstances or the various lifestyle scenarios depicted, the best course of action is to consult with an experienced plastic surgeon or a medical specialist.

These specialists are rigorously trained and certified in aesthetic treatments and can help you determine a treatment plan with the best facelift procedure.

Vip Italia consultants work closely with clients to match the best skincare products with the aesthetic procedure plans which complement each other.

To Shave or Not to Shave?

The norms are slowly changing. It's still quite rare to see a woman in public with facial hair and unshaved armpits. But recently, lots of anti-shaving movements have emerged that seem to be going mainstream. Women worldwide are asking themselves the same questions: "Why are we supposed to be perfectly hairless at all times. Why should we adhere to beauty standards imposed by social media to feel accepted"? Those movements are trying to encourage women to embrace their bodies and improve their self-worth.

Apart from anti-shaving movements, after quarantine, plenty of women have started shaving their faces! This "new-new skin-perfecting" technique, which is so-called "dermaplaning," has suddenly gained 'trending' status.

But what is dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is the act of removing peach fuzz and dead skin cells from the face with a razor, leaving it softer and smoother. The question that immediately comes to mind is: does any woman nowadays really have time or even a subtle inclination to shave her entire face as men do? The answer is YES.

Let's do a little research on this subject. From a biological point of view, men and women are designed differently. The first evident distinction, among others, is the ability to grow a beard. In fact, men have more resilient skin with a higher density of collagen than women.

Secondly, shaving might exfoliate skin and apparently keep it soft, but if you're already using a facial cleansing brush or washcloth on your face, that's already severe scrubbing. Shaving may make your skin more sensitive and eventually cause skin damage, which might lead to skin aging. Moreover, face shaving can also cause ingrown hairs. So ladies, please, think twice before reaching for the razor!

And what about men? How common is it for them to shave bodies nowadays?

In reality, it's not as uncommon as you might think — the days when only women shaved their bodies have gone. Many men are prone to body shaving for various reasons, such as improving athletic performance and personal hygiene, avoiding unpleasant body odor, and, simply, because of aesthetic reasons. It is widespread for male body hair to be removed in the fitness world to improve performance and show off hard-earned muscles. Even though male body hair removal is nothing new, it's a well-known fact that even Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans were also passionate about man body shaving. These days young men are more inclined to undergo hair removal, including their back, neck, underarms, and sometimes even legs.

Anyway, it's totally up to you to shave or not to shave. Everyone has a right to make informed decisions and ask themselves why they do it.

Stay cool and healthy.