Vip Hi-Line Lipo

for the 50th anniversary of VIP Italia, VIP Hi-Line Lipo is a revolutionary new body contouring device that allows you to offer a full range of non-surgical beauty treatments with a single machine. As the result of 50 years of previous working and innovation experience in the non-invasive aesthetic industry, this is our most complete and powerful product yet. Equipped with five different functions, this machine uses advanced 1 Mhz ultrasound technology to treat common aesthetic problems, such as cellulite and excess fat, as well as wrinkles and other signs of ageing on the skin.

Lipo machines are high in demand with 9 in 10 women and 1 in 10 men suffering from cellulite. Vip Hi-Line Lipo allows you to offer your clients an effective solution that delivers notable improvements from the very first session. Your clients will experience the accumulating benefits of the ultrasonic treatment as they enjoy multiple pain-free sessions over the course of a year. 

Equipped with state-of-the-art remote working technology, VIP Hi-Line stands out from the competition by allowing you to operate and adjust each treatment using our smart Wi-Fi capabilities. Even though ultrasonic shock wave machines are easy to use, we provide ongoing user training and support to ensure you accelerate your business growth, optimise your effectiveness and achieve higher profit margins. 

The VIP Italia team can support you remotely, as well as by organising face-to-face training sessions either at a location of your choice anywhere in the world or at our own modern facilities in Italy.