Doctor Saad M. Halimi
Dr. Saad M. Halimi Doctor of physical therapy

Dr. Saad M. Halimi is a HMS certified doctor of physical therapy. He provides therapeutic treatment by using physiotherapy, osteopathy & acupuncture in circumstances where movement & function are threatened by aging, injury, disease or external factors.

Dr. Saad M. Halimi


  • Bachelor Degree in Physical Therapy – 2005
  • Master Degree in Manual Therapy and Osteopathy – 2008
  • University Diploma in Chinese Acupuncture – 2011
  • Doctorate of Physical Therapy – 2015


  • Tianjin University in Chinese Acupuncture. Tianjin, China – 2011
  • Harvard Medical School in Structural Chinese & Japanese Acupuncture. Boston, USA – 2017.


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