Why Beauty and Bloom Clinic Chose Our VIP Line Plus?

About the client

Ina Ignatovic graduated from a medical college in Lithuania and worked as a nurse for 9 years in a hospital and clinic. She has also worked for many years as a certified beauty therapist and as a treatment specialist for VIP Line Plus and LPG Endermologie. She owns and operates Beauty and Bloom studio located in central London.


Location: London, the UK
Year: 2023

Why Beauty and Bloom Clinic Chose Our VIP Line Plus?

Project goals

Share a real-life success story of our client.
Highlight the effectiveness of Vip Line's technology.
Demonstrate the return on investment.
Project background

It is fair to say that everyone deserves to like the way that they look, no matter how they achieve it. Ina Ignatovic is the owner and operator of Beauty and Bloom Studio in central London. As a qualified and experienced beauty treatment specialist, she has helped a number of clients achieve the look of their dreams and feel confident in their own skin again.

Project background

Since 2018, Ina has been using our VIP Line Plus to enhance muscle activation. Our machines get the whole body working, allowing for slimming, tightening, lymphatic drainage and muscle stimulation equivalent to 2.5 hours of exercise in the gym. Our programs are individually customised for each client’s body and what they would like to achieve. Generally, clients start seeing improvement after the third session.


What Ina Says About Our Technology

We have been working in the non-invasive beauty industry since 1971 and excel at designing high-aesthetic beauty devices. We asked Ina why she chose our technology to help her clients achieve their beauty goals and feel good about the way that they look.
Why did you choose VIP Italia as your aesthetic technology provider?
“VIP has been rated as one of the leading aesthetic device providers in the beauty industry. Their technology was recommended to me by one of my experienced clients. This vote of confidence provided me with the peace of mind to use VIP Line Plus at my own clinic.”
What made you consider our technology?
“With my medical background, I always want to make sure that I provide my clients with treatments that are safe and effective. The VIP Line Plus has been designed by industry experts, so I was confident that I would be able to provide my clients with the best possible service.”
Are you happy with the results our technology produces?
“Yes, my clients have achieved excellent results and they are extremely satisfied and happy. Many of my clients come back for additional treatments and even recommend our services to their friends.”
What would you say to other professionals considering our technology?
“If you want to be successful, it is important that your clients are happy with their results. Thanks to VIP’s technology, my clients are always satisfied with the way they look after their sessions.”
Thanks to Vip’s technology, my clients are always satisfied with the way they look after their sessions.

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There are a variety of beauty goals that people want to achieve. Whether they are looking to tone their bodies, reduce the appearance of fine lines or even improve the elasticity of their skin, our high-aesthetic technology can help. Within six months, Ina was able to cover the cost of the machine.

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