Why Has Vip Hi-Line Become the Ultimate Choice for Miracle Shape Beauty Salon Chain?

About the client

Miracle Shape is an aesthetic therapy centre that exclusively employs non-invasive methods. They deliberately avoid introducing foreign substances, like fillers or botox, into a patient’s body. Instead, Miracle Shape harnesses the power of non-invasive cutting-edge technologies such as electrostimulation, cold plasma, and ultrasound that assist in achieving natural and long-lasting results.


Location: Istanbul, Turky
Year: 2023

Why Has Vip Hi-Line Become the Ultimate Choice for Miracle Shape Beauty Salon Chain?

Project goals

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Project background

In a fast-paced world, maintaining a healthy body shape becomes increasingly challenging, especially when we become older. Alice, a dedicated client of Miracle Shape beauty salon chain, has found a way to maintain her ideal physique without the need for frequent gym sessions. ‘No matter how much I want to stay in shape, age takes its toll. Moreover, my busy schedule doesn’t allow for regular gym visits. I’ve become addicted to VIP Line and strongly advocate for its treatments. It consistently aids me in maintaining my desired body shape’.

Ksenia Soloviei is the owner of the beauty salon chain in Istambul, Turkey. With a background as a doctor of physiotherapy and more than 10 years of hands-on experience in the beauty industry, Ksenia has acquired significant expertise in diverse devices and technologies, helping people in their pursuit of well-being.

Since 2018, Ksenia has been using our VIP Line Plus to assist in addressing weight problems and enhancing muscle activation. ‘VIP Italia is unrivalled in the field of myostimulation. This unique technology stands out by inducing muscle torsional movement, leading to simultaneous weight loss and muscle strengthening’ said Ksenia. The consistently proven efficacy of VIP Italia's high-aesthetic technology prompted Ksenia to acquire a VIP Hi-Line for her second salon in 2023.

What Ksenia Says About Our Technology

Since 1971 we have continuously worked on designing high-aesthetic beauty devices. We were keen to understand why Ksenia opted for our technology to aid her clients in their journey towards well-being.
Why did you choose VIP Italia as your aesthetic technology provider?
“VIP has earned its reputation as a leading aesthetic device provider in the myostimulation field. Their technology was recommended to me by my longtime friend who owns a clinic in central Moscow. She had been utilising VIP Italia’s devices for over a decade, and her enthusiastic endorsements motivated me to invest in the VIP Line Plus for my own salon.”
Why did you decide to establish your own beauty salon?
We conducted market research and identified an increasing demand for high-quality aesthetic services, including beauty treatments that were previously absent in the market before our entry.
What benefits has VIP Italia’s technology brought to your salon?
This unique technology brought me numerous clients. Many of them come back for additional treatments and recommend our services to their friends.
Are you happy with the results our technology produces?
Yes. My clients have achieved excellent results and they are extremely satisfied with the outcome. Excess weight and muscle stimulation might be challenging to tackle through traditional gym workouts. Our machines get the whole body working, allowing for slimming, tightening, lymphatic drainage and muscle stimulation equivalent to 2.5 hours of exercise in the gym. Moreover, VIP Hi-Line provides an effective solution even for clients who are unable to do physical activity due to medical conditions.
What treatment plan on VIP Hi-Line has proven to be the most effective?
Before formulating a treatment plan, we perform diagnostics and establish an in-depth patient medical history. Based on this analysis, we provide a personalized treatment plan. Furthermore, Vip Line treatments can be effectively incorporated with complementary aesthetic technologies like radiofrequency and vacuum technologies to enhance the overall results.
How do your salons stand out in the beauty industry?
Our salons stand out due to their unwavering commitment to service quality, reliable results, and the use of top-tier equipment available in the market.
What are the most challenging aspects of running a beauty salon?
Human resources can be quite demanding. The process of recruiting and training staff, along with the ongoing task of monitoring and enhancing service quality, demands significant time and effort.
What would you recommend to other professionals considering our technology?
I would recommend assuming full responsibility and diligently working towards achieving your objectives. Prioritising service quality and results should take precedence over financial interests.
I firmly believe that VIP Italia is unrivalled in the field of myostimulation. This unique technology stands out by inducing muscle torsional movement, leading to simultaneous weight loss and muscle strengthening.

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Ksenia's expertise, coupled with Vip Italia's technology, enables her to assist individuals with a range of concerns from post-surgical rehabilitation, body contouring, and swellings reduction to facial rejuvenation. The noticeable improvements can be seen after the first session. After completion of a treatment plan, clients typically lose up to 10 centimetres.

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