How Applying Isogei Technology Helped Shrc Rehabilitation Center Increase Its Customers’s Muscle Strength By 26 %.

About the client

SHRC is the first and only Rehabilitation Center in the Middle East to adopt complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). This evidence-based practice combines mixed methods of Physiotherapy, Osteopathy & Acupuncture.


Location: Lebanon
Year: 2022

How Applying Isogei Technology Helped Shrc Rehabilitation Center Increase Its Customers’s Muscle Strength By 26 %.

Project goals

Perform a course of Isogei treatments on the patient’s thigh muscles.
Provide accurate and objective data to track progress and measure the results.
Evaluate the effectiveness of the Isogei muscle building treatment.
Prove the improvement of the muscle performance through applying Isogei treatment.
Project background

Dr. Saad M. Halimi is a HMS (Harvard Medical School) certified doctor of physical therapy in SHRC rehabilitation center. He has been a licensed and board-certified doctor of physical therapy for 14 years after receiving his master degree from University of Saint Joseph. He’s spent more than a decade utilizing Vip Italia’s technology in his practice.

“We have been using Vip Italia machines since 2005 and have consistently received amazing results with our clients. Our trust in Vipitalia continues to grow”.

The patient's data

The patient is a professional tennis player in Lebanon. The athlete underwent a course of treatments on the thigh muscles using the Isogei technology (only the quadriceps muscles were treated, while the patient himself performed active stretching on the hamstrings).

  • Data collection : 12/22/2022
  • Age : 16
  • Gender : Male
  • Weight : 72 Kilograms
  • Height : 185 cm

According to the report, Isogei muscle building technology has proven itself beneficial to the athlete's performance. The muscle strength in the patient’s thighs has significantly improved as follows:

The strength of the right thigh muscles has increased by 26% from 88 to 111 Nm.
The strength of the left thigh muscles has increased by 18% from 103 to 122 Nm.

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