• The LYMPH contains the blood’s INTERSTITIAL LIQUID, made up of water with VITAMINS and NATURAL ELEMENTS. Its task is to bring NUTRITIONAL SUBSTANCES to the cells and purify them of TOXINS.
  • Automatically controlled LYMPHATIC and VENOUS drainage.
  • Synchronous and combined treatment with the HEART.
  • PRE-TREATMENT: to prepare the tissues for the best trophic conditions and to encourage faster and better healing after the treatment.
  • POST TREATMENT: to help speed up and correct resorption of any edema and improve tissue healing.
  • Specific stimulation to HELP and ENCOURAGE lymphatic and blood circulation.


  • Adjuvant in the fight against CELLULITE
  • Counteracts EDEMA
  • Improves the MICROCIRCULATION and decongests the superficial CAPILLARIES
  • Encourages SCAR and promotes tissue REGENERATION
  • Improves the superficial return circulation (VENOUS drainage)
  • Promotes the improvement of INFLAMMATORY states
  • Encourages OXYGENATION
  • Prevents blemishes due to circulatory problems


  • MINIMUM 2, MAXIMUM 3 a week, break of 1 day in between treatments.
  • We recommended to do some LINFOGEI treatments to prepare the body for a better reaction and results.
  • MINIMUM 10 treatments for one session.
  • Combinable with LIPOLINE, ISOGEI, MICROGEI
  • 1 or 2 treatments a month to maintain the results.