• Visible decrease in excess ADIPOSE TISSUE and CELLULITE
  • Improvement in OXYGENATION and CIRCULATION of the treated tissues
  • REMODELING of the line, with progressive REDUCTION in circumference
  • Substantial SOFTENING of the hardest panniculus, with progressive REDUCTION of CELLULITE
  • Production of FIBROBLASTS, ELASTIN, and COLLAGEN, essential to restore healthy tissues

Why 1 MHz Frequency?

  • It acts only on the superficial layers affected by ADIPOSITY and CELLULITE, not affecting DEEPER tissues.
  • It is not AUDIBLE; the client does not hear any hissing, noise, or tapping in the ears during the treatment.
  • Working with the handpiece, the operator is not affected by any numbness in the arm or hand.
  • To INCREASE ultrasound waves and MOBILIZE a more significant number of fat cells without increasing the risks.

How does it work?

  • MECHANICAL EFFECT: produces MOVEMENTS and DISPLACEMENTS of the affected particles; in the case of cellulite, it can reduce adhesion between cells and decrease the nodular appearance by improving toning.
  • THERMAL EFFECT: the energy of the ultrasound wave is absorbed by the tissue, transforming it into HEAT, improving local circulation and waste disposal.
  • IMPACT EFFECT: formation of HOLLOW bubbles (= CAVITATION) which are very UNSTABLE and therefore IMPLODE. These implosions generate a SHOCK WAVE that causes a REDUCTION of the tissues closest to the handpiece. Since the adipose cell's MEMBRANE is DAMAGED the TRIGLYCERIDES escape.
  • Due to the release of TRIGLYCERIDES, the LIPOLINE treatment must ALWAYS be followed by TRANSION (especially if it is the UPPER part of the body) or by LYMPHOGEI (especially if the treated area is in the LOWER part of the body).
Lipoline artwork


  • HANDPIECE = Once a week
  • HANDPIECE + PLATES = Twice a week
  • MINIMUM 10 treatments for one session
  • It works in synergy with TRANSION, LINFOGEI, ISOGEI, MICROGEI
  • 10 treatments = 1 size loss
  • 1 to 2 treatments a month to maintain the results
vector for the lipoline technology

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