• MICROCURRENTS: STIMULATE all those tissues affected by aging and significantly IMPROVE already existing imperfections
  • METHOD OF ACTION: acts on BLOOD CIRCULATION; helps to improve the activity of FIBROBLASTS; drains and purifies SUPERFICIAL and visible TISSUES; brings TONICITY back to relaxed myofibrils.
  • The treatment combines targeted products from the NEW COSMETIC LINE for a complete synergistic action with excellent results, visible from the FIRST application.
  • Regenerates and repairs the SKIN TONE, accelerating cell renewal, Increases COLLAGEN and ELASTIN
  • Effective on wrinkles and superficial skin blemishes
  • REGENERATING and FIRMING action of the superficial epithelial tissues
  • Prevention of EARLY AGING, prevention of WRINKLES, treatment of AESTHETIC PROBLEMS of the skin


  • EVERY day, we recommend not less than 3 treatments a week.
  • MINIMUM 10 treatments for one session
  • Combined with ANY VIP treatment
  • It can be used in the case of a particular occasion, as the results are visible from the FIRST treatment.
  • 1 to 2 treatments per month to maintain the results

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