Epil Plus

For gradually and permanent hair removal.
Efficacy for a fast and painless gradually permanent hair removal grants not invasive treatments,
and stable results over time.

  • Intuitive software: guide to correct planning of the right parameters.
  • Long-life laser “German head”
  • Three several cooling systems levels, regulated by the operator.
  • Large speed: from 1 up to 12 multi-spot per second; emission from 1 up to 3 pulses;
  • fractioned single spot for small areas.
  • Ergonomic handpiece

Technical data:

  • Wavelength: 808 nm
  • Power of the generator: 600 W
  • Total lase boards: 6
  • Exit window diameter: 16×16 mm/2,56 cm2
  • Crystal diameter sapphire: 14×13 mm
  • Single pulse duration: from 10 up to 300 ms