Ice Sculpt

Treatment that combines in a single plate the slimming power of the ultrasounds to the cooling of the tissues allowing to obtain evident results from the first session. By cooling, it induces the transformation of white adipose tissue into brown adipose tissue, which can be easily eliminated by using the Transion function.

Ice Sculpt

Technical Data:

  • Absorbed power: 200 VA max
  • Internal protection: n. 1 fuses of 8 AT
  • Output characteristics: F = 1 MHz
  • Pmax = 1,5 W/cm¬≤

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Fat freezing is a modern fat reduction treatment that has become a popular alternative to surgery. It is a non-invasive procedure that reduces fat in localized regions. The procedure can tackle tough pockets of fat by freezing and killing the fat cells. Our Ice Sculpt technology is a cutting-edge solution offering:
Fast slimming
Localized slimming.
Skin smoothing.
Improvement of tissue oxygenation.
Cellulite reduction
Reduction of the so-called "orange peel."
More that 50 years of experience in the beauty treatment industry.

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