Shock Wave is electromechanical technology. The handpiece generates an impulse that hits the
tissue, creating a fluidizing effect of the liquids that spreads from the point of contact to the
deeper layers of the skin.
The result is a visible improvement of the lipodystrophy or cellulite. The treated area will appear
smoother and firmer. The software is intuitive and easy to use.
The cartridges for the impulses are easy to replace, avoiding time-wasting and costs


  • Blood and lymphatic stimulation
  • Fat reduction
  • Metabolism activation
  • Collagen production stimulation
  • Improvement of elasticity
  • Circumference reduction
  • Improvement of orange peel and cellulite skin

Technical data:

  • Power absorbed: 200VA
  • Work frequency: 15 Hz
  • Max power applied: 1 J
  • Class: BF Type



    • Non-invasive body treatment
    • Π‘ellulite reduction
    • Effective contrast of the most demanding challenges with visible results from the first treatment