Vip Line Plus

VIP Line Plus is a unique all-in-one non-invasive aesthetic treatment solution created by VIP Italia. This revolutionary body contouring equipment provides the latest industry-leading beauty treatments combined in a single device for salons to offer a wide range of procedures without the capital investment of purchasing multiple body sculpting machines.

Our bespoke multifunction system can be used to treat a range of widespread beauty problems, for face or body, with impressive results. Weight loss, skin laxity, fluid retention, fine lines, and signs of ageing can all be successfully treated with VIP Line Plus. Using a non-surgical approach, VIP Line Plus will give your clients astonishing effects from the first use with no pain, downtime or significant risks involved. 

Our body contouring machine comes with a range of integrated functional support and additional user training delivered by our beauty treatment specialists in Italy or any other location around the globe that suits you. Designed for quick, lasting results, VIP Line Plus is the perfect tool to support your business growth and make a positive impact on your bottom line.

Market-Leading Non-Invasive Technology

The global demand for non-invasive aesthetic procedures has been increasing progressively with a massive 51.2% jump in 2020 and the upward trend is expected to continue in the future. To satisfy the beauty needs of clients worldwide, VIP Line Plus is equipped with four core functionalities that can be applied on both the body and the face:

  • TRANSION: Employing myostimulation for rapid localised slimming, this function firms the muscles and reshapes the body, providing an aesthetically pleasing body contour and aiding the appearance of weight loss. 
  • ISOGEI: Designed to firm and tone the muscles in the target area, this function utilises isometric movement to achieve a slimmer figure. It also helps achieve a youthful look, glowing skin and improved skin tone.
  • LINFOGEI: A reliable tool for cellulite reduction, Linfogei improves oxygenation and circulation to prepare the body for better results of the body sculpting treatment. It can be used for aesthetic venous and lymphatic drainage.
  • MICROGEI: This is the leading anti-ageing technology that provides effective treatment against wrinkles, early ageing signs and skin tone imperfections.

Leaders in the Body Shaping Industry

Established in 1971, VIP Italia delivers exceptional Italian quality across all our body sculpting machines and we implement the latest technology on the non-surgical beauty treatment market. Our VIP Line Plus technology is a state-of-the-art solution offering:

  • Aesthetic improvements from the first session 
  • Long-lasting results  
  • Four innovative body shaping functions in one device
  • No pain or major risks involved  
  • One-year warranty
  • User training courses & support included

Having worked with beauty salons, clinics, SPAs and physiotherapy centres across the globe, we are experts in non-invasive aesthetic therapy and we can support all your business needs regardless of where in the world you are located.


Technical data:

  • Absorbed power: 50 VA max
  • Internal protecton: n. 2 fuses of 3,15 AT
  • Pmax: 1,7 W/cm²



    • Non-invasive body treatment
    • Сellulite reducton
    • Effectve contrast of the most demanding challenges with visible results from the first treatment

    • Recovery from travel fatgue (removal of edema and heaviness in the legs)
    • Jet lag adaptaton
    • Restoraton of look and face after only 15 - 20 minutes of treatment

    • Liposucton preparaton
    • Post-surgery drainage treatments
    • Scar tssue treatment

    • Pain relief
    • Muscle contractures treatment
    • Increase in muscle elastcity and joint mobility

    • Work out combinaton or replacement
    • Improvement of training performances
    • Rapid recovery from sprains, injuries, muscle breakage and artcular damage

Included fittings

  • Power cable

    Model: CAVALI Qty: 1
  • Transion cable 4 channels

    Model: CAVTR50VL2 Qty: 2
  • Multifunction cable 8 channels

    Model: CAVISOAUTO50VL2 Qty: 2
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