Vip New Stressless

Stress is an inevitable by-product of modern-day living. Not many of us can claim to have a stressfree life. But, just as technology can be the cause of some of our everyday stressors, it can also
help reduce it too.
Introducing the latest solution for stressed clients – Stressless.
Created to help clients relax, using a combination of sensory techniques and customized
biofeedback, Stressless takes from nature and translates to the latest in salon technology.

Stressless is a relaxation bed, but so much more too.

Using our unrivaled VIP Italia expertise in beauty technology innovation, we have created a
cocooning, cosseting space for salon clients to relax, replenish, and restore.
The Stressless treatment is guided by color therapy testing to personalize what the client visually
experiences and harnesses the power of LED light therapy, tailored to the needs of the client. Once
reclining on the Stressless machine, gentle vibrations massage the body, with biofeedback
directing those vibrations to where it is most needed
. The client relaxes whilst vibrations,
soothing sounds, and light patterns all create a perfect bubble of total peace and relaxation, before
emerging balanced, grounded, and restored.

An ideal addition to salons, spas, health centers, or holistic healing spaces, Stressless has the
added advantage of requiring very little therapist intervention, once the tests are completed,
which helps salons to maximize the ROI of the machine and to manage their therapist’s time