Vip New Stressless

Stress is an inevitable by-product of modern-day living. Not many of us can claim to have a stress-free life. 

But we believe that just as technology can be the cause of some of our everyday stressors, it can also help reduce it too. Introducing VIP Italia’s latest luxury SPA equipment for deep relaxation – Stressless.

Using our unrivalled VIP Italia expertise based on over 50 years in the beauty technology industry, we created an innovative SPA cocoon for salon clients to replenish and restore. Built to help clients relax, using a combination of sensory techniques and customised biofeedback, Stressless is a next-generation relaxation bed designed to translate nature into salon technology.

An ideal addition to beauty salons, SPAs, health centres, or holistic healing spaces, Stressless offers the added advantage of requiring very little therapist intervention which helps you manage your time better and achieve a great ROI on your luxury SPA equipment.

Achieving Deep Relaxation

The Stressless treatment is guided by colour therapy testing to personalise what the client visually experiences and harnesses the power of LED light therapy to create a holistic deep relaxation experience that rejuvenates the mind and the body.

Once reclining on the Stressless machine, gentle vibrations massage the body, with biofeedback directing those vibrations to where it is most needed. The client relaxes whilst vibrations, soothing sounds, and light patterns all create a perfect bubble of total peace and relaxation, before emerging balanced, grounded, and restored.

With this high-end SPA equipment, you can offer full relaxation to your clients, whether they wish to escape everyday stress or to unwind after a long journey in just a single 25-30 minute session.

Benefits of VIP New Stressless

When you are looking for luxury spa furniture and equipment, whether it’s in the UK, mainland Europe, the USA or Asia, the VIP Italia beauty therapy devices are always synonymous with quality, functionality and profitability. With VIP New Stressless SPA cocoon you can benefit from:

  • Designed with more than 50 years of industry expertise
  • An innovative, holistic multi-sensory experience
  • Adaptable design for easy installation
  • Better ROI than traditional relaxation beds
  • Low operating costs
  • Deep relaxation in just 25-30 minutes
  • User training and maintenance from VIP Italia
  • Worldwide delivery available

To learn more about VIP Stressless and discuss how you can implement our technology in your SPA centre, simply get in touch with our beauty treatment experts today and we will get back to you as soon as possible.