Calm Your Body, and Your Mind

Stress is an inevitable by-product of modern-day living. Not many of us can claim to have a stress-free life. But, just as technology can be the cause of some of our everyday stressors, it can also help reduce it too.

Introducing the latest solution for stressed clients – Stressless.

Created to help clients relax, using a combination of sensory techniques and customized
biofeedback, Stressless takes from nature and translates to the latest in salon technology.

Stressless is a relaxation bed, but so much more too.

Using our unrivaled VIP Italia expertise in beauty technology innovation, we have created a cocooning, cosseting space for salon clients to relax, replenish, and restore.

The Stressless treatment is guided by color therapy testing to personalize what the client visually experiences and harnesses the power of LED light therapy, tailored to the needs of the client. Once reclining on the Stressless machine, gentle vibrations massage the body, with biofeedback directing those vibrations to where it is most needed. The client relaxes whilst vibrations, soothing sounds, and light patterns all create a perfect bubble of total peace and relaxation, before emerging balanced, grounded, and restored.

An ideal addition to salons, spas, health centers, or holistic healing spaces, Stressless has the added advantage of requiring very little therapist intervention, once the tests are completed, which helps salons to maximize the ROI of the machine and to manage their therapist’s time efficiently.

…as light as a butterfly…

This is the feeling the machine “Butterfly” wants to give to anybody who decides to try it…Leave yourself inside its warm embrace and enjoy the benefits of feeling wrapped among its comfortable “wings”.

Psychophysical Well-Being

“Butterfly” is a system that exploits the primordial principle of floating to give a deep relaxation to both, body and mind, despite the first one never gets in touch with water.
Once the body is supported only by water, it won’t have to resist the gravity any longer, so it will automatically let itself go; as a consequence, you will get an instinctive relaxation of all the muscles, while the spine (which in such condition is no more pressed by the gravity) will extend. The notable relaxation this machine can give can also be a natural help for anybody suffers from sleep upsets.

Spine Upsets: WHAT A RELIEF!

The spine relaxation offers immediate relief from all those small upsets anybody might suffer during daily life. Despite the real origin of this benefit is the condition of being suspended inside water, a light water massage just treating the lumbar area (which is one of the most stressed sections of our spine), is a further help.

Water Cuddles…

According to the model, “Butterfly” can also be equipped with one or more water jets just treating those muscle areas that mainly need it for many possible reasons like water retention, recovering from a muscle effort (for example after playing sport), to simply relax the muscles before a massage or to loosen muscle contractions or tensions.
In particular, you can enjoy the lumbar jet, the thighs/gluteus jets, the cervical jet, and the lymph drainage for the legs.

Aesthetic Advantages

Beyond taking advantages of all the said benefits even dressed, “Butterfly” will surely perform the best of its potentiality when placed inside a SPA, a wellness center, or a beauty farm, where you will try it without clothes and together with a body wrapping (oil, creams, mud, hay…).
Thanks to the feeling of deep relaxation and the warmth spread by the water all over the skin, the active principles of the chosen aesthetic product will act better than the traditional body wrap treatments. So the final user can exploit the versatility of this machine by proposing it either dressed for an extra and unique service (for example to be offered to a customer while waiting for treatment) or undressed for a body wrapping.

Technical data:
Measures: cm. 230 x 100 x 73 h
Weights: 220 kg empty – 680 kg full of water
Power supply: 230 V – 50 Hz / Shuko socket
Power consumption: max 1300 W – Absorption 6A max
Water heating system: n° 1 silicone heating element of 1000 W
Adjustable temperature from 25° to 41°C.

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