Non-Invasive Facial Isometric Rejuvenation

At VIP Italia, we develop and produce facial isometric exercise (FIE) equipment that offers a non-invasive, pain-free facelift solution for your clients. 

From wrinkle reduction and face contouring improvement to lifting the muscles in the face, neck and brow, as well as treating face asymmetry, our ground-breaking facial isometric rejuvenation technology produces results from the very first application. 

Isogei by VIP Italia enables you to streamline your non-invasive facelift procedures with market-leading automation and remote-control functionality, making a positive impact on your bottom line. With user training provided by our experts, you will be able to maximise the potential of your non-surgical facelift equipment and increase your ROI. 

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Non-Invasive Facelift Technology by VIP Italia

The Isogei facial isometric rejuvenation technology by VIP Italia uses facial isometric exercise (FIE) to deliver a pain-free, risk-free facelift and face contouring treatment option. Our technology utilises 100% of the muscle fibres to create isometric movement and improves the muscle strength and tonicity in the treated area. 


Your clients will enjoy visible results from the very first session but a complete treatment course is usually made up of at least 10 facial isometric exercise (FIE) sessions targeting the same area of the face and neck. The maximum number of applications needed to achieve the best results is dependent on the severity of the beauty problem your client is experiencing. 


The non-invasive facelift treatments are usually done two-three times a week but if you are faced with a case of heavy slackness of the skin, the Isogei technology is safe to be used daily. It can also be paired with our Transion function to help the facial muscle gets used to electro-stimulation improving the basal tone of the area, as well as to eliminate issues, such as fat excess, face and neck puffiness and double chin. Another useful application of the Isogei function is in combination with Microgei for a natural face lifting effect. 

Who is Isogei Suitable For?

With people between the ages of 25 and 65 looking to improve the appearance of their facial skin and prevent the signs of ageing, face contouring and facelifts are increasingly high in demand. However, this is no longer something that requires a surgical procedure, the effects of facial muscle exercise have been clinically proven to aid in skin rejuvenation and aesthetic correction of facial ageing


VIP Italia is a trusted facial lifting machine manufacturer with international recognition and our facial isometric exercise (FIE) technology has been applied by beauty clinics, SPA centres, gyms, hotels and rehabilitation centres in the UK, mainland Europe, the USA and Asia.

Our Facial Lifting Machines

Defined by functional innovation and our signature Italian quality, the VIP product range features a selection of customisable beauty equipment fitted with the Isogie non-surgical facial isometric rejuvenation module. You can choose from:


Application of the Isogei Facial Treatment Procedure

The non-surgical facelift machine manufactured by VIP Italia can be used to treat all areas of the neck and face, including the jawline, the area around the eyes, the brow and the chin. Our innovative electronic facial isometric exercise (FIE) technology can be used for: 


  • Fine lines smoothing
  • Crows feet removal
  • Laughter lines removal
  • Eyebags removal
  • Forehead lines removal
  • Wrinkles reduction
  • Facial muscle firming
  • Facial muscle toning
  • Lift muscles on the neck, chin and brow
  • Face contours improving
  • Face lifting
  • Eyebrow lifting
  • Jawline definition and improvements 
  • Facial asymmetry correction
  • Facial fitness improvements


Designed to produce visible results from the first session, the Isogei face lifting technology will be a revolutionary addition to your non-invasive beauty service offering.

Make the Most of Your Non-Invasive Facelift Machine

As a world-leading facial lifting machine manufacturer, VIP Italia is dedicated to not only developing cutting-edge, non-invasive beauty treatment equipment but also helping our customers across the globe make the most of our proprietary technology. We achieve this by offering all of the advantages below. 


User Training (Remote and Face-to-Face)

Our expert team of trainers and instructors will educate your team to maximise the capabilities of our facial lifting machines and confidently deliver beauty procedures that your clients are satisfied with.

The initial training is included with your purchase but you can always schedule additional sessions if you would like to get even more in-depth knowledge of the products. 

Thanks to our flexible, global approach, we can deliver training via online video sessions or in-person, either at our headquarters in Italy or at any location worldwide convenient for you and your team. 


Remotely Operated Functionality

We constantly work on improving our non-invasive facelift machines to better facilitate your business growth. The latest technological developments designed by the VIP Italia team include automation and handy remote-operated functionality that allow you to control treatment procedures from a distance using WiFi-powered technology.

With an intuitive interface and multi-device capabilities, this function is easily usable by anyone regardless of their level of technical knowledge. This means that a short user training session is the only thing you’ll need to improve the productivity of your entire team and increase the number of facial lifting procedures you can perform in a day. 


Undeniable Results

At VIP Italia, we believe that nothing beats exceptional quality results when it comes to driving repeat business and attracting new customers through the power of word of mouth and your reputation alone. 

As the Isogei function is designed to provide results from the first, initial application, you are guaranteed to achieve high customer satisfaction. With visible improvements to the appearance of the face and neck after every session, you can expect the demand for further treatments to continue growing at a steady pace creating an ongoing positive effect on your profit margin.